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Insurance with INsight: Vero 2

Welcome to the second episode of our special INsight Podcast series, brought to you by Vero. 

This three-part series focuses on Vero’s 2021 SME Insurance Index report, which has built up a treasure trove of statistics from surveying the insurance-buying habits of more than 14,500 business owners over the past decade.

In this episode we turn our attention to the current hard market, and what the latest index tells us about attitudes to pricing and how brokers can respond. As Insurance News has reported, rates in many sectors and insurance lines continue to rise sharply, making it harder to find appropriate and affordable cover for clients. So what can brokers do to help?

To help navigate this conversation we're joined by Vero's Head of Commercial Underwriting Brad Dalton, as well as the usual INsight panel; Insurance News Managing Director Andrew Silcox, Insurance News Publisher Terry McMullan and Insurance News Managing Editor John Deex. We will also hear the views of analysts, brokers and clients.


Episode one of this series focused on the topic of interaction and the risks associated with brokers taking a hands-off approach with clients. Listen to episode one here

Download the 2021 SME Insurance Index here.