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Insurance with INsight: Vero 1

Welcome to Insurance with INsight, a special three-episode series of podcasts brought to you by our friends at Vero. Across these episodes we'll be focusing on Vero's SME Insurance Index report, which this year marked its 10th anniversary.

Over the course of a decade, the index has surveyed more than 14,500 SME owners providing unique insight into their insurance buying habits, as well as flagging numerous industry challenges and trends. Today, we examine a significant theme of the SME index - interaction and the insight that the more a broker connects with the client, the more satisfied the client tends to be. We'll look at why this happens, how brokers can capitalise, and the risks associated with a hands-off approach.

To help navigate our way through this, we're joined by Vero Head of Commercial Intermediaries Anthony Pagano, as well as the usual INsight panel, Insurance News Managing Director Andrew Silcox, Insurance News Publisher Terry McMullan and Insurance News Managing Editor John Deex. We will also hear from some key broker representatives.

Download the 2021 SME Insurance Index here.